Hướng Dẫn Tham Gia Các Khóa Học Trực Tuyến Trên ITFORVN

1.      Requirements

a.       Students need to have CCNA or CCNA Security knowledge or equal

b.      Basic network knowledge (TCP/IP, Basic Security knowledge)

c.       Basic MS Windows Server knowledge (Active Directory)

d.      Basic Window knowledge

2.      Lab Diagram

 ISE's Lab Diagram

3.      Course & Lab Outline


- MS Basics for ISE

o   AD installation

o   Cert (self-cert)

-       ISE 2.4 Lab

o   Installation using OVA file (2 options: installed and factory default)

o   Web portal ISE

o   AD integration

o   Identity source (Network Resources)

o   Registration with self-cert

o   Backup + Restore

- MAC Authentication Bypass

o   MAB (static VLAN and MAB)

o   MAB (with DVLAN)

o   MAB (with DACL)


o   DOT1X (static VLAN and MAB)

o   DOT1X (with DVLAN)

o   DOT1X (with DACL)




-       TACACS+ Command Set

o   With Command Set and Shell

o   Authentication TACACS+

- Profiling

o   RADIUS Probe

o   SNMP, NMAP...(optional)

- POSTURE Compliance

o   Connection -> Phase 1 check Agent installation

o   Connection -> Phase 2 check Compliant requirements (Windows Firewall, Window Defender, etc)